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Mo-Basket Registration Form

Age 13 and older



Athlete Information

Your Basketball skill level*Beginner = 1 Advance = 5

Important Notes:
Dress appropriately.

No food or drink in the gym.

Keep the gym clean.
The league organizers reserve the right to form the teams to ensure the talents of all teams are balanced.


FEE: Rs 600 (cash) per participant. All the money will be used for prizes, other expances and buying food and drink for the end of season small party.

Emergency contact & Health Insurance Information

Emergency Contact´s Name

Do you have health insurance?*
No, I´ll pay with cash
Does you have any allergies, chronic illness or medical conditions that would limit high level activities?*

Parental Permission For Emergency Treatment

In the event of illness or accident, I give my permission for emergency treatment by qualified medical personnel for my child, and I authorize the person in charge to take my child to:
I give consent for the facility to secure any and all necessary emergency medical care for my child.
Name of Physician / Emergency Medical Care Facility

Release of Liability

Although the safety of all sport activities is the primary concern, indoor sport activities at Youth Sport Center's facilities may cause injuries and/or death.  I expressly assume the risk of injury, death, and/or illness arising from any cause, and agree to waive the right to pursue any claim against the ............................ Sport Center and the persons in charge.
I have read and agree to the above conditions:

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